Honey Oat PB Cinnamon Swirl Bread

This right here … ohhhhhhh my goodness! YUM!! All of my favorite things!! Thank you!!!! Via NanaBread = Jeanne

Inside NanaBread's Head

Honey Oat PB Swirl Bread - Sliced

Warm cinnamon-scented carbs… is there anything better?

I finally got back into the kitchen this week and baked up a recipe for my friends at Peanut Butter & Co. This time, they challenged Yum Squad members to see what we could come up with given any two jars of their peanut butter and a bag of Bob’s Red Mill old-fashioned oats. Two of my favorite things. My first instinct was a cookie, but I made a pledge to overcome my fear of killing yeast doughs by facing them head-on, so I tackled a sticky, yummy yeast bread with a cinnamon raisin peanut butter swirl.

I decided to use oatmeal in the dough, so I started by heating milk, water, salt, honey, butter and oats on the stove. The oats are not really cooked, just softened.

Plumped & Softened Oats - PB Swirl Bread

Once the milk & oats mixture was cooled, I added the yeast and let…

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Will Cook for Foo: Week 12–Heartbreak and Lemon Chess Pie

Lemon lovers would LOVE this pie! I would have never thought corn meal would be in a lemon pie!!

The Onyx Plate


Progress update: So it’s been three months now, and still no word from the Foo Fighters. I guess it is as expected, but I still have one more month left! Not giving up the hope yet folks! To see why I began this journey, click here to see the first “Will Cook for Foo” post.


A few things I’ve learned about recipes…

1. It’s fun to save them up and find them.

2. They are great gifts to receive as hand-me-downs.

3. All involve a dream of a dish that has been perfected to be recipe card worthy.

4. You don’t have to abide by all the rules of a recipe. Seriously, you don’t. *smiles*

5. Bonding is given a whole new meaning when a recipe is involved.

6. Recipes bring back memories…both happy and sad.

Today, I’m concentrating on number six. You’ve seen me write many many…

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Jetts Apple Cinnamon Jelly

Here’s the jelly you asked for! I add more cinnamon red hot candies now. The original recipe called for 3 Tablespoons but the updated recipe calls for 1/4 Cup = ONE FOURTH CUP .

Random Streams of Jett

 Jetts Apple Cinnamon Jelly

There’s nothing better on home-made biscuits than home-made jelly! This is my absolute favorite jelly … EVER!!

1 quart apple juice
1 package (1.75 ounces) Sure Jell
4 1/2 Cups white granulated sugar
3 Tablespoons red cinnamon candies
How to make it

Combine the apple juice and Sure-Jell in a large pan. Bring to a rolling boil. Add sugar and candies and cook, stirring occasionally until candies are melted and sugar is dissolved. Bring mixture to a boil and cook for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Remove from heat and let mixture settle down a few minutes. Skim the foam off the top. Pour into sterilized jars. A funnel works really good for this.
Makes 6 to 7 pints of jelly

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Easy Breezy Chicken Pot Pie

This is the easiest chicken pot pie you’re ever gonna make! If you made the rotisserie chicken recipe that I posted earlier then this will be SUPER easy. Here’s what you’ll need;

2 cups shredded cooked chicken

1 – 10.5oz can Cream of Chicken soup

1 can drained Veg-All (15oz)

1 package Big & Flaky crescent rolls (6 count)

1/8 Cup cubed cheese (optional)

Big spoon of Mayonnaise

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. . You’ll need an oblong dish for this one. Place the 3 crescent rolls in the dish. Spread out if necessary. Mix up chicken, soup, vegetables, mayonnaise & cheese. Pour into your prepared dish. Top with remaining crescent rolls. Bake at 350 for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Enjoy and let me know if you made it!


Wriggley Week!

Greetings everyone!

This week is all about Wriggley, our rescue cat. He’ll be 3 on Friday!! Back in September my hubby & I were talking about adopting a cat. After numerous searches for shelters in the area, we came across Rescue Cats in Fayetteville, GA.

Here’s their webpage >>> http://www.rescuecats.org/

Hubby & I looked at all of the kitties and after serious consideration, we decided we’d go and meet Tank. Well Tank wasn’t real keen on meeting us. He had no personality and we just didn’t “jive” with him. BUT there was this orange cat that we weren’t really paying attention to. He kept following us around and he’d even “talk” to us. Come to find out, this cat had been at the shelter a long time. His name was Wriggley. He liked my feet – LOL!

I asked Wriggley if he wanted to come home with us and he let out a big “MEOW” like he was saying, “duhhhh, I’ve been telling you that since you got here”!!

We stayed at the shelter for a while playing with all of the kitties. Wriggley was the one! He “jived” with us perfectly!!


At first Wriggley was kind of scared, which was to be expected. He would sleep in the bathroom under a shelf. We didn’t open all of the doors to the bedroom just yet. After all, we haven’t had a cat inside the house for a LONG time! Whenever we’d leave the house and return, I’d always give Wriggley a whole bunch of lovin ‘! Just to let him know I missed him. Before too long, he was always waiting at the door when we came home.

Let me tell you, Wriggley is such a sweet kitty! He LOVES to play and he loves to jump up on the bed with me and snuggle. I always wanted a kitty I could cuddle.

I can’t exercise without him laying on me.


We love Wriggley and don’t know what we’d do without him! He definitely “jives” with us!


Thank you Wriggley for choosing us!!! And thank you Rescue Cats for taking care of Wriggley before us!
Adopt, don’t shop! Support your local animal shelter!!


Cake Pans & Corny Jokes

Hey everybody!

Hoping you all had a great weekend. I did! Any opportunity to  bake makes a great weekend for me.

Not  sure what to think about the "boobie pan"!!

Not sure what to think about the “boobie pan”!!

My sister sent me this bigGAS box with all types of cake pans. She’s getting ready to move and wanted to get rid of some stuff. YAY me!! When the box came in on Saturday, I opened it up and thought it would only be the spring-form pans we talked about. Nope, it included all kinds of pans. As you can see, I wasn’t sure what to think about the 4 boobed pan. I’m sure if my sister and I were together when I opened the box I’d probably laugh so hard I’d wet my pants! We’re like that. We laugh at the corniest jokes. That’s what we do.

I like big bundts, but baby bundts will do too!

I like big bundts, but baby bundts will do too!

I saw this baby bundt pan and couldn’t wait to play around with different recipes. Betty Crocker had a recipe this month for a Lemon Cream Cheese Bundt cake. Mmmmm!

Lemon Cream Cheese Baby Bundt Cakes

Lemon Cream Cheese Baby Bundt Cakes

These were yummy! I was scared they were going to stick to the pan but they didn’t! Whew!!

The recipe was easy. I usually have everything for a cake on hand. Most of the time I have stuff for a cake but don’t have anything for dinner (Woopsie!)

Here’s the link for the cake – http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/lemon-cream-cheese-bundt-cake-with-lemon-glaze/413ec1a7-71db-461b-84c5-ff31163bae71

I’ll start posting more stuff if you’d like. Thanks for stopping by and reading!


My Swirly Pan Adventure

Greetings all! I had the opportunity of using the Traveling Swirly Pan recently. Thanks to all who made this happen!!!

Here are some pictures & recipes for the cakes I baked.


Buttermilk Lime Cake

This one is a Buttermilk Lime Pound Cake. Recipe found on southernplate.com The next one is my favorite. My version of a Sock It To Me Cake. I call this one my “Swirl It To Me” Cake … hehe … I LOVE cinnamon swirly things anyway so I really enjoyed this cake. Instead of using the sour cream, I used Yoplait Greek 100 Apple Pie yogurt. Mmmmm – it made the cake really moist. I don’t normally have sour cream on hand.


Make sure you grease the pan REALLY, REALLY good!!

Here’s the recipe I went by. http://www.southernplate.com/2015/02/sock-it-to-me-cake-and-how-to-give-yourself-a-snow-day.html

Hope you enjoy these recipes.