Snow Covered Toffee Grahams

Mama Mia! I love this recipe! Check out more from Niki!!

Niki's Sweet Side

Snow Covered Toffee Grahams

You’ve heard of “Makin’ it rain”, I’m gonna make it SNOW up this beezee! Whoa Niki, easy. Sorry, but I love these “snowy” little dudes! And for those of you that noticed, I accidentally posted on Monday morning instead of the usual Tuesday morning. And quite frankly it’s thrown off my whole week. So here I am on Wednesday at 7am, sharing another post to feel “balanced”. My O.C.D. may or may not have gotten worse this year. Thanks Dad, for passing on your anal retentive ways as well. Moving on.

So. I’ve noticed some of you have allergies to nuts and aren’t enjoying my recipes. To that I say, “Go piss up a-“. Just kidding, I love you guys and it bugs me that some of you feel left out. And if you tell anyone that I have a heart and really care about people’s feelings, then you’re outta my club.

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