Will Cook for Foo: Week 12–Heartbreak and Lemon Chess Pie

Lemon lovers would LOVE this pie! I would have never thought corn meal would be in a lemon pie!!

The Onyx Plate


Progress update: So it’s been three months now, and still no word from the Foo Fighters. I guess it is as expected, but I still have one more month left! Not giving up the hope yet folks! To see why I began this journey, click here to see the first “Will Cook for Foo” post.


A few things I’ve learned about recipes…

1. It’s fun to save them up and find them.

2. They are great gifts to receive as hand-me-downs.

3. All involve a dream of a dish that has been perfected to be recipe card worthy.

4. You don’t have to abide by all the rules of a recipe. Seriously, you don’t. *smiles*

5. Bonding is given a whole new meaning when a recipe is involved.

6. Recipes bring back memories…both happy and sad.

Today, I’m concentrating on number six. You’ve seen me write many many…

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