Meet Wriggley, The Rescue Cat!

Here he is!


We went to a local shelter to adopt a cat in September. The cat we thought we were going to bring home was “Tank”.  We walked all over the shelter trying to get “Tank” to bond with us … but it didn’t happen. Then came “Wriggley”.

Wriggley had been at the shelter for about 2 years. I had never had an orange cat before. Not that it mattered, but I had my eye on a different cat. We saw so many cute kitties, but the one we liked just didn’t “jive” with us at all. Wriggley kept following us around the shelter and appeared to be very playful. He would even “talk” to us every so often. I looked down at him and asked if he wanted to come with us and he let out a big “Meowww” like he really meant it.


Wriggley adjusted well to his surroundings when we brought him home. Here he sits on my leg as I’m trying to exercise! He always wants to play. He chases his squishy ball down the hall and he even fetches! He’s very loving. I’m so glad Wriggley picked us!! He makes sure I don’t sleep late. He never gives me an attitude. He has unconditional love for us. If anyone got rescued, it was me. Thank you Wriggley for getting me out of this funk I was in! Please support your local animal shelters! Adopt, don’t shop!!